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New demo tracks added!

I'm so excited to share my recent demo recordings with you (check out the Media Room). I had a lot of fun this winter preparing the song list and rehearsing with the fabulous, Ting Ting Wong! I did the recording in Philadelphia with David Pasbrig and we had a great time! I haven't recorded anything since 2012, so this was a big deal for me...especially after a lot of procrastination. Once I finally narrowed down my song choice, I thought about how I'd like to do the recording. My feeling was to be as authentic as possible and capture a live performance feel, while trying to produce a good recording...which can be tricky in a studio. If you've ever experienced it - you know what I mean! So, my decision was to do each track as a full track, with no cuts or edits...this way the true arc of the piece and the voice can be heard from start to finish - and I must say it's so much more satisfying to sing and record this way. So yes, if you listen to all six tracks in a row, you can imagine that you were part of a private mini-recital via a recording studio!

Here are some Do-It-Yourself tips that you may find helpful for your next project:

  1. Be well-prepared, know your music and know how to pace yourself for your session

  2. Prepare yourself mentally for full takes if you choose this route (it takes mental stamina and focus)

  3. Don't be over critical during the process - this can use up a lot of time, so be kind to yourself!

  4. Plan for a few breaks to rest in between (but keep an eye on the time and keep to a schedule)

  5. Stay hydrated - bring some herbal tea and honey in a thermos mug and bottled water

  6. If your session is over 90 minutes, I recommend a snack - whatever you typically can eat while doing a singing project. For me, I love a sliced apple! I found that it really doesn't interfere with your voice at all - in fact it's a good source of hydration and a little natural sugar boost.

  7. Have fun! Even though there's a lot of tech equipment around, it's important to get into your "performance box" immediately. I think the quality definitely shows in the finished product. You have to give it your best effort even though you don't have the audience in front of you. Just imagine the vast audience your recording will reach and that should keep you going!

Good luck and let me know how your recording project goes!

Love, R


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